The Walking Dead New York Comic Con Panel Reveals Daryl Clip

Maggie aims her guns between two Commonwealth soldiers who also have their guns drawn.

Image: Jace Downs/AMC

Last Sunday’s part-three premiere of The Walking Dead was somewhat underwhelming, especially as it kicked off the series’ final eight episodes. But that looks to be changing soon if this new trailer can be trusted, as the fight between the Alexandrians and the Commonwealth reaches a new simmering point.

The First Minutes | Season 11 Ep 18 | The Walking Dead

The clip, from this weekend’s episode “A New Deal” sees a tense standoff between Daryl and Lance, which the former ends in what… well, what can be as close to as peaceful an end to a violent standoff can be in the world of The Walking Dead. But in a surprising move, the episode opens with narration from Judith, covering the characters lost along the way as the show shambles to its final end. Well, final-ish. There are still all those spinoffs.

The final episodes of The Walking Dead air Sundays on AMC.

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