Deadpool actor TJ Miller reveals ‘mean’ on-set encounter with Ryan Reynolds

US actor T.J. Miller has torn into his Deadpool co-star Ryan Reynolds, revealing he’ll never work with him again.

Miller, 41, played Weasel, the close friend of Reynolds’ lead character Deadpool, in the box-office smash original film in 2016, and its equally popular sequel in 2018.

But the comedian has ruled out reprising his role in the upcoming third movie, citing a “horrifically mean” on-set encounter with Reynolds, 45, as one of the reasons he won’t return to the blockbuster franchise.

Speaking on the Adam Corolla Show podcast, Miller – who appeared to suggest he wasn’t asked to star in the next film – claimed the actors were improvising a scene when he felt Reynolds addressed him personally under the guise of his character.

“Would I work with him again? No. I sort of wish him well because he’s so good as Deadpool, and I think its weird that he hates me,” Miller began.

“We had a really weird moment on Deadpool where he [Reynolds] said, Let’s do one more take. And then as the character he was horrifically mean to me, but to me, as if I was Weasel.

“He was like, ‘You know what’s great about you Weasel, you’re not the star. You do just enough exposition that it’s funny and then we can leave and get back to the real movie.’

“I just kind of listened and thought it was weird, and I got offstage and walked over and the whole crew was acting weird. Everybody was looking at each other like, ‘What the f**k is he doing?’ Everybody was like, ‘Why is Ryan doing this?’.”

Miller pondered whether Reynolds – one of Hollywood’s most loved personas who rarely cops negative press – was jealous of the character Weasel’s popularity among viewers.

“I think he’s kind of an insecure dude,” Miller said.

“He’s really nice, but his Twitter bio [says] ‘Showing you the parts of me that tested the best in focus groups’. And I’m not sure that he’s joking.

“I think that might be his real sentiment there. I can’t begin to guess what his deal is,” adding, “I would not have done Deadpool 3 if they came to me and were like, ‘We want you to do Deadpool 3, and we’re going to pay you twice as much.’”

Miller, who is renowned for his stand-up work, also gave an opinion on Reynolds’ high-profile relationship with Blake Lively, who is pregnant with the couple’s fourth child.

“I only met her once but I had look at her pregnancy pictures she showed so the paparazzi would go away,” Miller said, referencing Lively’s recent plea for photographers to leave her alone.

“Their public image is very well curated. That’s really all I know to say about that. The brand is likeable.

“I think he should make a Deadpool 3 and continue to make movies. I just think he doesn’t like me, and I thought it was weird how he expressed that.”

Miller didn’t reveal when the incident happened, however he said the duo “got along better” on the first movie because “he wasn’t a huge, huge movie star.”

Reynolds is yet to comment on the claims.

It comes after Reynolds teased the return of Australian actor Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Deadpool 3, which will be directed by Shawn Levy.

It’s slated for a late 2024 release.

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