Gold Coast mum shamed leaving 4-month-old baby with husband for 48 hours

Ashy Bines has clapped back after she was “judged” for leaving her four-month-old baby with her husband for 48 hours while she travelled interstate.

The Gold Coast fitness influencer addressed recent criticism she’d received from followers after heading off on a girl’s weekend.

The 33-year-old – who shares son Taj, 6, and daughter Tala with husband Steven Evans – said she was disappointed she had to explain her decision, pointing out men never face the same harsh criticism.

In a lengthy post accompanied with a series of snaps she said were taken moments before she departed, Ashy pleaded with others not to be so quick to cast “judgement”.

“Moments before I balled my eyes out at the airport leaving my baby,” she wrote, describing the situation as feeling like “an arm is missing”.

“I know judgment has come flying my way leaving her for 48 hours BUT hear me out.

“I LOVE my baby but also LOVE my friends. I LOVE my baby but also love travel and variety. I LOVE my baby but also love doing fun things just for me.”

Ashy went on to explain it was also great for Steven to get “bonding time with the kids” while she enjoys herself “knowing they are happy and safe”.

She then shared a message she’d received that morning asking how she could leave her husband with the baby for that long, labelling it “so wrong”.

But Ashy argued it’s “wrong” to think children’ can’t be left with their dads.

“I think it’s wrong for other women to think send such a message,” she said.

“Also why would I have children with someone I don’t trust?”

The mum then shared a perplexed emoji, writing: “Wrong to leave my kids with their dad?”

To conclude her clap back, Ashy said it was telling that men never faced the same feedback from others about their parenting decisions, calling on others to be kinder to one another.

“If a dad went away for 48 hours he’s never even questioned,” she said.

“Let’s be kind to one another and not project or send hate to another mum who’s doing her thing.

“Might not feel right for you and that’s ok, we all do exactly what feels good for us.”

The post, which Ashy said she shared to spark a conversation, clearly resonated with her 1 million fans leaving hundreds of comments.

“Mental that someone could find it so inconceivable that Tala’s very capable dad has her for 48 hours. I agree, if it were the other way around nobody would bat an eye,” one wrote.

“Heaven forbid you leave your child with her father,” another scoffed sarcastically.

“How dare you leave your baby with the father, your husband for a quick little trip. ‍️ The audacity of people to even comment that. You’re right, no one questions the father when he goes away,” someone else agreed.

Others said they were “flabbergasted” by the criticism, with some labelling it “wild”, “disgraceful” and “bonkers”.

“This is why mums struggle so badly with guilt! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being away from your baby for a couple of days, god forbid they are left with their OTHER parent,” one woman said.

“It’s ridiculous you have to justify it at all. Steve is her father, what makes him any less capable of looking after her than you?” another asked.

Ashy’s followers are notorious for giving the mum a hard time, most recently expressing unsolicited opinions on the name of her youngest child when she was born in June.

They also turned on her when she announced she was pregnant with Tala, criticising her “bump” photo over the size of her belly.

“It’s 2021 I thought mum shaming was a thing of the past, something I experienced when I was pregnant 7 years ago with Taj but nope,” Ashy wrote in response at the time.

“Already having mum hate come at me because of the size of my belly? Like there is a ‘right’ or ‘normal’ size to be?”

Ashy said that as everyone’s bodies were differently women “show diff (sic) and hold a baby differently”.

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