The Block’s Sharon and Ankur ‘blindsided’ as Scott Cam cuts them off

Controversial Block stars Sharon and Ankur have been left reeling by Scott Cam’s latest serve, with fellow contestants shocked by the possibility they may not finish their build in time for auction day.

The drama-plagued couple were left considering throwing in the towel in Sunday’s episode after Scotty declared them “cut off” financially given their budget has blown out by $53,000.

It means their remaining guest room, extra room and re-do room will need to be completed on a shoestring, with Scotty to decide in the coming weeks how they will complete their landscaping.

Sharon and Ankur have been struggling with the workload of The Block since day one, copping flack from their builders for not pulling their weight on site. They are the only team with no building experience, and chose the largest house to renovate on the biggest season ever of the show.

On Sunday, Scotty abruptly sent one couple’s trades home after discovering their money woes, explaining he’d cancelled their credit cards and will control their spending for the next three weeks until the end of the competition.

“I’m cutting you guys off. You’re gone,” he said to the shocked duo.

“You don’t make any decisions with trades, purchase or anything unless it goes through me. All the money that I give you, I’m going to keep. You have no more money.”

Explaining that their final rooms only need “plaster and lights that work,” Scotty went on to slam the couple for using their tradesmen for demolition.

“You can’t be paying tradesmen to demo, I’m going to send those blokes home.

“There’s not enough money in my budget to cover what you’re already over,” he said.

Sharon, who told producers she was “blindsided” by the”swift and harsh” call, queried how they were supposed to tackle the extra room they have, prompting Scotty to explode.

“That is not my problem … You guys are just spending money without even looking at what you’re doing, you’re just spending it thinking ‘oh someone will pay this’, you haven’t even budgeted,” he fumed.

“I’ve given you allocated money each week and you haven’t even worried about that, and you’re an accountant mate,” he added.

Ankur later told producers he felt the comment about his career was “a personal attack”, while Sharon was left in tears.

“Not only have we f*** it up but we’ve f***ed it up hard, we’ve embarrassed ourselves and we’ve embarrassed the show, and what’s the f***ing point,” she sobbed.

Meanwhile, while filling in the other teams, Scotty commended them for not overusing trades and completing the bulk of the work themselves.

While Sarah-Jane admitted she was torn over how to feel for the team, contestant Jenny had a little more sympathy.

“Half of me is like ‘that’s shattering for them’, the other half if we’re talking game is like, ‘oh well that’s one less room to compete with per week’,” said Sarah-Jane.

Elsewhere, Jenny explained: “If we weren’t tradies we’d probably find it just as hard because we’re doing so much ourselves. But if you don’t know how to do that then I don’t know how you’d get through it to be honest.”

Ultimately, Sharon and Ankur came in fourth for their kids bedroom with 26 and a half points. Dylan and Jenny won the week with 29.

The Block continues tomorrow night from 7.30pm on Channel 9

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