Common mistakes people make when checking in luggage

A traveller has revealed the three mistakes people make when checking in their suitcases that can result in bags getting lost.

This year has seen chaos at airports, including staff shortages and strikes, that saw luggage getting lost regularly.

But there are ways holidaymakers can either avoid losing their stuff, or speed up the process of getting it back, The Sun reports.

In an article for The Washington Post, Christopher Elliot explains the three things people can do to keep their luggage safer once they have checked it in.

Take a photo of your bag

This simple step can be really useful if your luggage goes missing after it’s been checked in.

The recommendation is to take a photo of your baggage from four different angles, and of its contents, on your phone before every flight.

Should bags get lost, passengers are required to give a description of what his/her baggage looks like and what it contains.

With so many cases looking the same, a photo gives a very clear description of the baggage and helps airport authorities narrow down their scope of searching. Some airlines or airports will even ask for photographs if a case goes missing, so it’s best to be prepared.

Track your luggage

Tacking luggage can help people much more than just taking photos of their bags.

By using devices like AirTags, passengers are able to pinpoint the exact location of their bags, which they can then pass on to airport staff members.

Christopher claims that luggage manufacturers are now pushing their passengers to use tracking devices.

He wrote: “Luggage manufacturers are openly encouraging their customers to track their bags. Samsara Luggage, for example, offers a small pouch for an AirTag in some of their bags.”

Have proof that bags were checked in

“The more information you can furnish your airline, the faster it can find your missing luggage,” Christopher explains.

Airlines will give passengers a barcoded bag tag once their luggage has been checked in.

This tag can help identify any lost luggage, so it’s important that passengers hold onto their side of the tag until they get their bags back.

However, the barcode will also provide the airline with important information about the bag and its intended route.

Without it, staff will only have the details that the passenger has to go on.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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