Neighbourhood fight over caravan parked on street goes viral

A woman outraged over a caravan parked on the street has exploded at her neighbour, with video of the incident going viral.

The footage shows the homeowner raging at the owner of the caravan.

“I‘m not doing anything that’s abuse, I’m telling you within my right,” the woman yells into the street.

“I‘m going to bring my husband’s s*** and s*** it over your f***** caravan park, now move your bloody things.”

The footage, posted to TikTok, has divided those who have watched it, with some describing her as a “Karen”.

“The car isn‘t even blocking her driveway, she doesn’t own the road it’s free to park anywhere that doesn’t obstruct her driveway,” one said.

Others have said they agree with her saying she had “a right to be mad”.

“The long-term parking of caravans in the street should be illegal [in my opinion],” another person said.

“Poor lady. Makes me wonder what drove her to this. Inconsiderate neighbours maybe,” said another.

Caravans are allowed to park on the street for up to 28 days in most states as long as it‘s not obstructing a footpath or other vehicles.

The video is the latest in an ongoing battle for street parking in some neighbourhoods, with a row over a boat being parked in a north shore street also going viral earlier this year.

A Mosman woman shared a photo of the boat to a local Facebook page demanding that the boat be moved, despite her husband telling the owner of the boat that it wasn‘t blocking their driveway when he asked.

“Please move your boat! If you are the owner or know the owner I am requesting for it to be removed immediately,‘ she wrote.

“We are having construction work done on my house. It has made two huge deliveries with a crane hard to unload supplies so far.”

The boat owner hit back saying that his boat was legally parked and that locals have “a little too much spare time”.

“I spoke to the owners on the house on the left. They are happy with it. The people in the house on the right exited the driveway as I was parking it there and they refused to stop to chat about it.

“Having said that, I‘m happy to move it if it [sic] causing inconvenience. Though a simple pleasant request would have sufficed.

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