Speed cameras: NSW brings back signs to warn drivers of cameras

Mobile speed cameras will no longer be able to sneak up on drivers as the NSW government brings back warning signs on all roads.

From January, warning signs will be placed in front of all mobile speed cameras for the first time in two years after they were removed in a controversial plan to tackle speeding.

When the signs were last in place in 2020, there were 38,743 fines issued.

In the first year after the signs were scrapped the number of fines issued increased to 361,896 – almost ten times the previous year.

Warning signs were temporarily returned this year mounted on top of mobile speed camera vehicles and the number of offences has dropped to under 200,000.

The decision to backflip on the warning signs comes after NSW opposition leader Chris Minns lobbied for the change.

“The best thing they can do is to put these signs back in front of the speed cameras so we know to slow down and not commit the offence in the first place,” Mr Minns said over the weekend.

Minister Metropolitan Roads Natalie Ward said the decision was made after receiving considerable criticism from the community.

“These additional warning signs will help educate drivers in real-time, giving them advanced warning to slow down at these high-risk points of our road network,” she said.

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