Surfer Bill Ballard saved from 6m shark by couple who crashed light aircraft

A surfer has shared how what was supposed to be a peaceful day at a NSW south coast beach quickly turned into something out of an action “movie” involving a massive shark and a crashed aircraft.

Bill Ballard was surfing at his regular spot, Wallagoot Beach in the Bega Valley on September 25, when he realised something was off.

A gyrocopter had started flying uncomfortably close to him while he was catching waves.

Mr Ballard’s mother, who had come along to film him surfing with dolphins, was worried.

“The third loop around I could see them lowering themselves and pointing out of the gyro, so I thought, ‘Uh-oh’,” she told 9 News.

Mr Ballard said he was in a state of “disbelief” when he noticed the gyrocopter before realising the couple on-board were pointing at a “large black shadow” that was near him.

It was then he realised he was swimming dangerously close to a shark about 6m in length.

Mr Ballard jetted it and made it safely to shore, but unfortunately the same could not be said for the good Samaritans who potentially saved his life.

In their heroic act to warn Mr Ballard about the predator, the couple on the gyrocopter had lost too much air.

They attempted to land on the beach but fell just metres short and crashed into the water.

“They had been heading towards the beach but didn’t quite make it and smacked into the water,” Mr Ballard said.

The roles quickly reversed, with Mr Ballard now the one concerned for a stranger’s safety.

“A light helicopter just crashed, it tried to warn me about a shark swimming around me,” he frantically said in a video recorded during the aftermath of the crash.

“Can you f***ing believe this, holy sh*t.”

But thankfully the couple escaped the crash without any injuries and were still getting over Mr Ballard’s near miss with the shark.

“It (the shark) was so close to you,” one of them said.

Mr Ballard said the whole experience was like something “in a movie”.

“(It) started off with me having a nice surf with few dolphins to be potentially attacked by a shark and then an aircraft crashing on a beach,” he said.

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