US waitress loses it over customers’ ‘insulting’ tip after staying past closing

A waitress has shared a now-viral clip unleashing on a group of customers who not only stayed more than an hour past the restaurant’s closing, but left an “insulting” tip.

US restaurant worker Jacey couldn’t quite fathom the unnecessarily long shift she had to work after a group of customers forced staff to stay an hour-and-a-half past the venue’s closing time.

Adding insult to injury, Jacey said the group only left a $US21 ($A32) tip, for a $US650 ($A880) bill.

“I get it if you’re still finishing your drink 15 minutes past close, 20 minutes past close, 30 minutes past close … but not an hour and 30 past close,” she said in a passionate three-minute rant on TikTok.

“Every single person who has helped you today has said, ‘Bye guys, see you next time.’ The staff is leaving. What are you still doing here?” she said.

“My bedtime was three hours ago. I wasn’t even supposed to pick up this shift. But I did, my bad, I didn’t know you were coming.”

But what infuriated Jacey even more was the tip the customers left for the wait staff.

“And to have the audacity to rack up a $US650 ($A880) bill and tip my homegirl $US21 ($A32). Let me get this straight you kept us an hour-and-a-half past close for less than 4 per cent?”

“I never want to see your face in here again.”

Jacey’s clip has been viewed more than 140,000 times, ‘liked’ 34,500 times and has attracted hundreds of comments from TikTok users equally as appalled by the diners’ actions.

“One-and-a-half hours after closing? They should get charged for that,” one person wrote.

“People be taking, ‘It’s OK, it’s their job,” too damn seriously,” a second person said.

Jacey said when her manager was “like last straw” and about to kick the diners out, “they left”.

“I literally would just go up to these tables and say, “Is there anything else I can get you before we close up?” one person wrote, to which Jacey responded: “’Nope we’re good just hanging out’ *inserts condescending smile* they know. They just literally do NOT care.”

A restaurant and bar manager added: “I give them 10 minutes after closing and they are OUT! You need to get a manager who has a backbone.”

However, while hundreds sided with the waitress, others suggested Jacey’s attitude could be why she received little or no tips.

“Your attitude = no tips. I had tables stay late, was super nice and ended up getting huge tips. Why I make so much now. It’s called respect and ethics,” one person wrote, while another added: “I only tip when I get good service. Maybe there’s something in that for you to consider.”

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