Erin Molan faints on 2 Day FM’s Breakfast Show

Erin Molan has horrified her radio co-hosts after collapsing live on-air.

The 40-year-old’s scare took place during a 2 Day FM Breakfast Show segment on Wednesday morning when she was confronted with spiders, a phobia.

The saga began when a listener, who also feared the arachnids, held a tarantula in their hand in the studio before Molan was put up to the task.

Despite the support of the spider’s handlers, Molan suffered a panic attack before passing out live on air.

“It’s just going to go in your hand for two seconds and you’re going to take it off,” the handler said.

“Just place your hand out for me.”

When the spider was placed in Molan’s hand she screamed and cried before leaping away from where it was.

Co-host Dave Hughes said “if you want to stop, we can stop” to which she replied “no”.

Moments later, Molan fell to the ground and Hughes instructed producers to quickly cut to a break.

“That was the most stressful thing I’ve ever been involved with and I wasn’t the one who collapsed,” he said.

When the program returned, Molan told listeners she had never experienced something like it before.

“I feel very embarrassed, I’m so sorry to all of you,” she said.

Molan received medical attention in the studio and returned to finish the program.

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