Influencer reveals how much TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube pay her

An American influencer with more than 70 million followers has revealed what many of us really want to know about the industry: how much they get paid.

If you are on TikTok you probably know Erika Kullberg as the lawyer “who reads the fine print so I don’t have to”.

She has 9 million followers on the fast-growing platform, as well as 59.9 million likes and 452 million views across her videos.

This success is all within just one year. Her total income from TikTok? $5075 ($US3255).

Ms Kullberg revealed the income in a TikTok video as she scrolled through her “creator fund dashboard,” which showed payments as low as about $3 ($US2) a day and high as $39 ($US25).

Payments through the TikTok creator fund are only available to those over 18 years old in the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. It means Australians are currently missing out.

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Passionate about money transparency, Ms Kullberg didn’t leave her video there.

On Facebook, she has 3.3 million followers and in just three months of posting videos, the social network has paid her a total of $4791 ($US3073).

“The cool thing is the videos I post on Facebook are the same ones I already made for TikTok so there’s no extra work besides hitting upload,” she explained.

If you thought social media creators’ income would be based on their popularity, what she revealed next will come as a surprise.

Over on Instagram Ms Kullberg has earned nothing, despite having 4.1 million followers and accumulating 263 million video views.

“Instagram pays some creators but not if you have over a million followers so I’ve made zero dollars from Instagram,” she said.

Her YouTube channel has made her the most money, despite the following being smaller than her other accounts.

She has 755k subscribers and has made a whopping $306,771 ($US196,763) in less than three years.

“YouTube pays very differently depending on whether it’s a short video versus a long video,” Ms Kullberg said.

For a short 29 second video with 1.8 million views, YouTube paid her just $5 ($US3). But for a 12 minute video with 2.3 million views, YouTube paid her $54,568 ($US35,000).

She reminded people that the payments were all before tax.

The income she revealed is only what the actual social media platforms pay users.

Many influencers earn additional income on the apps – paid by external companies – through sponsored posts.

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