NFL news 2022: Troy Aikman in hot water over dresses comment

Troy Aikman is under fire following a controversial remark uttered on the Monday Night Football broadcast of the Chiefs-Raiders game.

While discussing a questionable roughing the passer call in the first half after Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones hit Raiders quarterback Derek Carr from behind, Aikman remarked, “My hope is the competition committee looks at this in the next set of meetings and, you know, we take the dresses off.”

Though the call itself sparked outrage – given there had been another controversial roughing the passer penalty just one day prior involving Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett – Twitter users called out Aikman over his choice of words, which some had deemed “sexist”.

“Did Troy Aikman really just say what I think he said? Did he really just say that it’s time for the league to ‘take the dresses off’? The 60s called, they want their chauvinist back. Seriously @ESPN … do better than that crap,” one user tweeted.

“I don’t feel like ‘take the dresses off’ is the euphemism ESPN wants Troy Aikman to use when criticising a weak roughing the passer call,” another remarked.

Aikman has yet to address the remark publicly.

The Chiefs would go on to win the AFC West matchup on Monday, 30-29, claiming their fourth victory of the season.

Aikman and Joe Buck will be back in the Monday Night Football booth next week when the Broncos visit the Chargers in Los Angeles.

This article was originally published by the New York Post and reproduced with permission

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