Australia ranks first in wellness tourism destination as Channel 10 launches Well Traveller show with Layne Beachley

Australia has topped the list globally as the most desirable wellness tourism destination as international travellers seek healthier ways to enjoy life.

With nearly 200 wellness and travel industry experts surveyed from more than 35 countries – 39 per cent voted green and gold as the number one destination, followed by Thailand (38 per cent) and then Indonesia (32 per cent).

According to a report released by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) on Thursday, Australia came on top when it came to visitor spending, local employment rates and environmental wellbeing.

“The value consumers now place on personal wellbeing and mindfulness has boomed since the global pandemic with wellness tourism expecting a whopping 20.9 per cent in visitor spend growth year on year through to 2025,” chair of the GWI Wellness Tourism Initiative, Katherine Droga, said.

“Pre-Covid, wellness travel in this country was valued at $22.2 billion and was growing at twice the rate of regular travel.

“This is a phenomenal rate of growth and very reflective of the need of our global travellers who are searching for more than just a getaway,” Ms Droga said.

With wellness travel tipped to grow substantially in the next three years, Ms Droga will launch a new website on Thursday which will feature top Australian destinations, operator listings, deals and events, interactive regional maps as well as travel merchandise.

“The Well Traveller will help support the growing number of travellers looking for experiences to meet their specific wellness needs,” Ms Droga said.

And to coincide with the website launch, the country’s first wellness travel series “Well Traveller” – which Ms Droga will be an executive producer on – will air nationwide on Channel 10 on Sunday.

Hosted by seven-time world surfing champion and mental wellbeing advocate, Layne Beachley, the program will feature the best wellness retreats, destinations and experiences across Australia.

A number of celebrities will feature on the show including Adam Goodes, Turia Pitt, Megan Gale and Sam Wood, as well as ordinary Aussies who are doing it tough, either mentally, physically or financially.

For more information about the Well Traveller website, Well Traveller TV visit

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