Dyson releases its most powerful cordless vacuum: Gen5detect

Dyson has launched its “most powerful” cordless vacuum yet – boasting an impressive new feature that makes cleaning your home more comfortable than ever.

The British tech-giant just announced the “Gen5detect”, a high efficiency stick vac with a stronger power density, deeper cleaning ability and longer battery life compared to any of its predecessors.

The $1499 home appliance is the first Dyson product to feature the new fifth generation “Hyperdymium motor”, delivering a powerful 262 air watts of suction.

It has also been kitted out with a top of the range high efficiency particulate air absorbing (HEPA) filter which captures 99.99 per cent of particles down to a minuscule 0.1 microns.

The slick new vacuum also has a new “Fluffy Optic” cleaner head as well as an improved laser technology that helps users see exactly where to clean.

James Dyson, founder and chief engineer at Dyson, said the new cordless device was a “pioneering” machine that give homes its “deepest ever clean”.

“The Gen5detect defines Dyson’s next generation of cleaning technology. It is the combination of our dust light optic technology, dust particle counting and sizing, pioneering new motor and whole-machine HEPA filtration, that enables you to achieve our deepest ever clean,” he said.

One feature Dyson is particularly proud of is the new “fully sealed” filtration system which ensures only dirty air passes through the filter while expelling cleaner air into your home.

“The best filter cannot provide clean air if there is an opportunity for dirty air to leak out of the machine – so our engineers worked hard to ensure that all our Dyson vacuums have whole-machine filtration,” Charlie Park, vice president of floorcare at Dyson, said.

“In our Gen5detect vacuum, we went a step further with HEPA filtration to ensure that even particles as small as 0.1 microns remain trapped in the machine.”

The impressive laser feature identifies hidden dust on the floor that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye and was first introduced on the V15 device last year.

But after the 2022 Dyson Global Dust Study revealed only 40 per cent of people clean when there is visible dust and dirt in their home, Dyson has improved the popular feature.

The revitalised laser on the Gen5detect now has “twice the illumination” to cover even more surface space with engineers describing this as a “huge design challenge” they had to overcome to fit the light into the cleaning head without compromising on the vacuum’s pick-up.

Other features on the Dyson Gen5detect cordless vacuum include a new digital interface that now shows users in real-time when their surface is clean as well as single button control which abolishes the classic pull trigger and replaces it with a power button for a more comfortable clean.

This also allows users to swap hands while navigating obstacles, making cleaning easier.

The vac is also super light, weighing 3.5kg and now comes with a 0.77L bin that you don’t have to touch to empty – and comes with a new reach tool for getting under objects such as sofas and beds.

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