Baz Luhrmann spills on Leonardo DiCaprio on I’ve Got News For You podcast

Baz Luhrmann has revealed what Hollywood megastar Leonardo DiCaprio is really like.

Speaking to’s podcast, I’ve Got News For You, Luhrmann said that DiCaprio is “the world’s greatest gift giver”.

“Leonardo is really thoughtful,” the director said. “He takes pleasure in it and he really thinks about that.”

Luhrmann, who worked with DiCaprio on Romeo + Juliet and The Great Gatsby, said the best gift he ever received from the actor was for his 50th birthday.

“When I’m shooting, I have this one bit of civility where I like to drink tea out of really nice China teacups. It’s just a calming thing for me.

“For my 50th, he sourced all of these incredible teacups from around the world, from different periods and things like that.

“I remember opening the case and thinking how thoughtful and how much effort he went to just to find something that was meaningful,” Luhrmann said.

The Elvis director also revealed that DiCaprio is a great impersonator.

“When he tells a story, he’ll impersonate everyone,” Luhrmann said.

“There was a funny moment when I first met him. He was impersonating all sorts of well-known people … De Niro and stuff.

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“Everyone was sitting with me and he was doing some Aussie guy and everyone was laughing and I couldn’t quite work out who it was.

“I thought, ‘Hmmm … I don’t get that one.’ And then I realised it was me!” Luhrmann laughed. “Obviously I see myself differently.”

Luhrmann spoke to I’ve Got News For You to promote his partnership with Bombay Sapphire, the world’s number one premium gin brand.

He is the creative director of its new ‘Saw This, Made This’ global campaign.

“The ‘Saw this Made This’ concept … is really about pursuing this genuine belief I’ve got that everyone is inherently creative,” Luhrmann said.

“The notion of it is to give the opportunity, not just for people who identify as being creative, but for everyone from all walks of life … to find creativity in the world around them and in their lives and unleash it in themselves.”

Luhrmann invited everyone to get involved in the campaign by sharing their inspiration on social media using the hashtag, #SawThisMadeThis.

All pieces of art created under the hashtag will be showcased next year on World Creativity Day (April 21, 2023) as part of a special celebration of the campaign at an arts institution in New York.

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