Honda parks on top of a Mercedes in a Sydney car park

A bizarre car park mishap has blown up online after footage of a sedan perched atop a luxury Mercedes made waves on TikTok.

The scene was captured in at least two viral TikToks with more than 80,000 likes each.

7News reported the driver was a 73-year-old woman who confused her brake and accelerator pedals.

A 50-year-old man was taken to hospital with minor injuries following the collision at 9.45am on Thursday.

Video uploader @Kelzkitch said the incident occurred when the woman driving the Honda Civic entered the car park in Hurstville, Sydney.

“We were both heading out the boom gate. And look what happened to her car … she went straight through the boomgate and straight past me.”

There is no footage of the actual moment the car landed on top of the other parked vehicle, prompting curiosity among thousands of commenters as to how exactly it happened.

“I need to see this from the security cameras because I’m that nosy,” one user wrote.

“I honestly don’t understand the physics behind this,” another commented.

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