Neighbour sends creepy note in Sandhurst, gated community in Melbourne

The use of a power tool during the middle of the day has pushed one Aussie gated community resident over the edge.

A resident at Sandhurst, described as a “gated community” and golf estate on Melbourne’s outskirts, has blasted his neighbour with a scathing, error-ridden note, written in all capital letters.

“Have some respect for your neighbours,” the note said.

“This is not a industry estate where power tools are used.”

The note ended with the threat of a report to the community’s body corporate.

The resident, who moved to the community three months ago, claimed on Reddit that they had only used a drop saw “five times” in the middle of the day before receiving the note.

Hundreds of Reddit users responded, with many claiming the writer had gone over the top.

“If that is the reaction to a power tool imagine the stir that a drone would create,” one person said.

“Sounds like the sort of place where some people don’t have much to do so they wait the whole day for something they reckon they can get upset about and then unload,” another wrote.

“I think I laughed a bit too hard … my ribs hurt,” wrote another.

Others shared anecdotes of the strict rules of Sandhurst.

“I’ve got friends who lived in Sandhurst, they have some super strict rules,” one wrote.

“Sandhurst have some pretty strict resident rules. Good luck with that,” another wrote.

Sandhurst, 37 kilometres south of Melbourne in the City of Frankston local government area, is considered a “gated” or “bounded” community and golf estate, characterised by links, and ponds woven throughout the homes.

The locality houses 5,211 people according to the latest census date.

The median house price for Sandhurst is $1,010,000 – up 11 per cent from October 2021.

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