No body no parole laws pass in NSW after Chris Dawson convicted

“No body, no parole” laws inspired by the loved ones of Lynette Dawson have been passed by the NSW parliament.

Convicted murderers will be denied release if they refuse to disclose the location of their victims remains under the new legislation.

“Families deserve the dignity of saying their final goodbyes, and we must do all we can to demand offenders give up their secrets and bring some closure to families and friends of victims,” Mr Perrottet said.

“These laws mean inmates convicted of a homicide offence who choose not to co-operate with police to locate their victims will not be given parole.”

The introduction of the laws comes after a campaign spearheaded by those who were close to murder victim Lynette Dawson, and will apply to current and future offenders.

A petition for ‘Lyn’s Law’ created by the Dawson’s former family babysitter urging the NSW government to adopt the legislation received tens of thousands of signatures in days.

“While justice has finally been served and Lyn’s truth has been heard there is one more puzzle left to this heart-wrenching story. Where is Lyn?” the petition read.

“Lyn’s family have battled for years to clear her name and have her truth told, but the closure they need would come from being able to put her to rest properly, and they are not alone.”

The legislation will reportedly impact six people currently serving time for murder or homicide, as well as any future offenders.

Dawson was in August found guilty of murdering his wife in January 1982.

His legal team has lodged an application to appeal the verdict with the Supreme Court.

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