Alamanda K-9: Video shows students brawling at Melbourne school

Disturbing footage has emerged of students violently brawling inside a Melbourne school, days after the principal warned parents of young gangs in the area.

Footage obtained by NCA Newswire shows female students at Alamanda K-9 in Point Cook punching, kicking, tackling and wrestling one another in two separate videos, believed to have been filmed in August.

One parent, who did not wish to be identified, told NCA Newswire they felt unsafe sending their child to the school.

The videos come as Alamanda principal Lyn Jobson emailed parents this week warning them youth gangs were a threat to students at the school, while on Tuesday, police attended the school after a fight broke out outside its grounds.

The parent said their child had come home everyday with stories of violence, and claimed a number of parents were “pretty annoyed” with Ms Jobson and Alamanda over what they said was a lack of action on the violence.

The parent said a student had recently attended school with a canister of petrol and threatened to set a classroom on fire.

“There’s no message for us on what the school intends to do,” the parent said.

“It (the violence) isn’t isolated.”

“It just keeps getting denied that the fights are occurring,” they said.

“Any form of bullying or violence is completely unacceptable. The school investigates all reported incidents and provides full support for any student that has been affected,” a spokesman for the Department of Education and Training Victoria told NCA NewsWire.

In the email to parents, Ms Jobson said there had been incidents of youth violence at the Point Cook Town Centre and the Werribee Plaza, where students were being cornered and their phones and shoes stolen.

She told parents students would be safer if they walked together or with family members.

Victoria Police confirmed to NCA Newswire they broke up a fight between male teenagers outside the school on Tuesday, and said no injuries were reported.

They said five youths had been arrested in Point Cook this week, while in the last month 15 youth offenders had been arrested.

“Those arrested this week do not have known connections to youth gangs,” they said.

“We have known persons of interest who are monitored closely – we know who they are and we know their offending habits.”

They said the Western Alliance Taskforce “investigates and responds to” youth crime in the Wyndham area.

The Education Department and Alamanda K-9 have been contacted for comment.

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