Gross discovery in abandoned Bali hotel

A woman has gone viral online after exploring an abandoned hotel in the tourist hot spot of Bali.

The deserted resort appears to have been quickly evacuated, with half-eaten meals still on plates and beds made up in some of the rooms.

Paulina Andriulyte, 23, a graphic designer and content creator from Lithuania, is currently working remotely in Bali.

In a series of TikToks that have racked up almost 30 million views in total, Paulina and her partner explore an old hotel with 266 rooms left in near-perfect condition – but there’s not a soul around.

The video includes a before and after shot at the start, giving full effect to just how eerie the space is.

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“Abandoned places have intrigued me since I was a child and that hasn’t changed at all,” Paulina told

“There’s something magical about these places I can’t explain, it’s like entering another world.

“We just love going where the eyes lead without any expectations.

“In that way, we find the most spectacular places which are untouched by mass tourism.”

Paulina has not been able to find any history on the hotel but believes it was suddenly abandoned around 2020 – and no one seems to know why.

“The last reviews of the hotel guests were written in 2020, so I guess it became abandoned throughout that year,” she said.

“The place was completely open, there were no signs of the closure, no fence, or anything like that.

“If anything, in the beginning, we thought it was a functioning hotel, as we noticed two helmets placed on the ground by the reception, so thought that someone is still in the hotel.”

The footage shows different areas of the venue including the entrance, which has been taken over by nature, as well as various rooms, dining spaces and trinkets that Paulina discovered.

The rooms are still made up for guests with furniture, towels, leaflets and toilet paper in place.

Plates with half-eaten food

The couple even find plates with half-eaten food on a table, as well as documents in the staffroom.

“The moment we entered the reception, we still couldn’t understand where is everyone and that this was an abandoned place,” Paulina said.

“It felt like everyone was here a few hours ago and just left somewhere.

“The rooms in the abandoned hotel seemed to look the same as the rooms in the other currently functioning hotels.

“They were fully furnished, with towels, toilet paper, printed restaurant leaflets and menus on the table.

“There was all the furniture, electronics, mattresses, dishes … there was even an open staffroom full of paper documents and food left on the table.”

Although the hotel appears in good condition, natural decay, including mould, has begun to take over parts of the walls and ceilings.

The only guests however, are critters.

“There were a lot of huge insects and reptiles everywhere in the hotel.

“Mould damaged the walls and ceilings and some corridor ceilings had completely collapsed from the mould and humidity.

“However, we didn’t notice any vandalism damage, it seems like it’s all just a natural decay.”

TikTok users have been left mesmerised by the discovery with one video getting over 2.1 million ‘likes’ and thousands of comments.

“Those rooms are cleaner then mine,” one user joked.

Someone else guessed that the hotel was abandoned due to the pandemic, writing: “I think the lockdown started and the hotel closed shortly after so the people who work there left without knowing that they would never be back.”

“I see a lot of free stuff,” said another viewer.

“Two years and the towels still look clean and the snacks edible,” commented someone else.

One TikTok user said: “One day people just left and never came back.”

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