NZ passenger’s nightmare 29-hour flight with screaming baby | Video

Footage has gone viral of a passenger who filmed his reaction to a screaming baby on a 29-hour flight.

Henry Beasley, a musician from New Zealand, was recently on-board a long-haul flight to Berlin, Germany, when he decided to record his facial reactions to a crying and screaming baby.

In the clip, which has been viewed 11 million times, Henry writes: “Rate my 29-hour flight to Berlin,” before hilariously adding, “The kid’s got some lungs. Great projection.”

He then went on to give a quick documentation of the very loud flight.

His eyes could be seen twitching as the baby’s screams continued to reach new heights.

“A nice long one here,” he wrote about a particularly prolonged scream. “Kettle’s boiled,” he joked.

“Bring it home now. Stellar performance, incredible stamina. 10/10,” he concluded the clip with his eye still twitching.

Henry, a musician in the band Balu Brigada, attracted 2.3 million ‘likes’ and almost 30,000 comments on his clip.

“At that point I’d start screaming along,” one person joked.

A second person wrote: “As a parent who offers to help these people, 80 per cent of them are not prepared. Babies cry, absolutely.”

While some defended the parents saying it wasn’t their fault, others agreed they should have been more prepared for a long-haul flight.

“Oof. I empathise with the parents but good grief, you’d think they’d have maybe prepared something to keep the kid calm on a journey that long,” one person wrote.

“As a parent, that’s why I don’t want to travel with my kid. I will just wait a couple of years,” another added.

However, the conversation took a another turn when many began to argue that there should be “kid-free flights” – something that has been long discussed.

“I would pay EXTRA for kid-free flights,” one person said.

“As a person on a spectrum I would have a huge meltdown in this situation … why [are] there no kid-free flights yet?” said another.

In 2019, Japan Airlines introduced a booking system which show where babies are seated on flights.

It’s called a “baby map,” which show travellers who book through the airline website seats that have been claimed by passengers between the ages up to two years.

The seats will have a child icon displayed.

“For flights departing April 11, 2023 or earlier, child icons are not displayed in the following situations: Seats booked as part of a tour or using award tickets and seats selected through means other than the JAL website,” Japan Airlines website states.

“Child icons may not be displayed correctly if there is a change in aircraft,” it also says.

A Twitter user thanked the airline for the baby map in a post from 2019.

“Thank you, @JAL_Official_jp for warnings me about where babies plan to scream and yell during a 13-hour trip. This really ought to be mandatory across the board,” he wrote.

“Since this blew up quite a bit: 1/ Adults can be just as bad as babies. 2/ Empathy is important and every situation is different. 3/ Where babies sit can be one of many indicators that help travellers plan flights,” he added.

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