Russia Ukraine war: The Chaser cops heat over tweet about Kyiv bombings

The Chaser has sparked controversy after posting a tweet about Ukraine’s latest tragedy.

The satirical comedy group, that built a lengthy career pushing the limits online and on TV, clearly rubbed some followers the wrong way with a now deleted post.

“Russian airstrike successfully denazifies children’s playground,” the post read, referencing the repeated Russian rhetoric that their “special military operation” is primarily about eradicating extremists in Ukraine.

Followers were quick to condemn The Chaser for the questionable tweet, with some even claiming they were blocked by the official Twitter account for their criticism.

The controversy came barely a month after The Chaser came under fire for its reaction to Queen Elizabeth’s death.

The team behind The Chaser didn’t waste a second before posting a string of satirical posts poking fun at her passing.

Memes relating to the new King Charles and R U OK day have trickled onto the comedy team’s Facebook page.

“R U OK day not going well at palace,” read one.

A post meant to give off the appearance of a leaked internal email from publisher Charles Firth gives advice on how to report on the event.

“Her Royal Highness Her Majesty The Queen has just passed away, so it‘s vitally important that this newsroom remain RESPECTFUL when talking about royals in the coming days,” the email read.

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There were digs at the Queen’s controversial son Prince Andrew, who has widely been the subject of scrutiny over his links to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Numerous jabs were made in relation to the late Lady Diana, of whom the public only recently commemorated the 25th anniversary of her death.

“It goes without saying that Diana never existed. We don’t want the website to crash (with complaints about puns about her),” the post read.

Outraged members of the public took to the comments sections to rip into the comedians for rushing to make jokes about the historical day.

“Bit soon guys … show some respect,” wrote Michael Fitzgerald.

“Your disrespect is appalling,” Wendy Hunter said.

“I’ve been a loyal chaser fan for years, even purchasing merch to financially support you. You’ve lost me now … I’m unfollowing you!”

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