Hugh Sheridan reveals they were married to a fellow star for nine years in secret

Hugh Sheridan has been sitting on a juicy secret for the past decade.

The Packed to the Rafters actor, who uses they/them pronouns, revealed this week that they were previously married for nine years to a fellow entertainment industry figure.

Speaking on Jessica Rowe’s Big Talk Show, Sheridan said their top-secret nuptials took place on July 11, 2011. While they didn’t reveal who the star in question was, they said they were married for nine years, managing to keep it under wraps from the public the entire time.

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“I can’t say their name because they were in the same industry, so. Couldn’t really be specific about that, but I was married,” Sheridan revealed.

“We were solidly together for about seven and then the last couple we were travelling a lot and it got too hard and, but we’re still very good friends.”

Explaining why it was kept secret from everyone but family and friends, they said: “I think privacy is personal and I think most people should be entitled to it.

“I was finding increasingly, if you don’t speak out about your private life, people can assume that you’re ashamed or that you’ve got some sort of an agenda or that you are denying other people their self expression by not talking about it.”

Apparently, they were officially divorced a few years ago.

“I’ve gotta get married a few more times,” Sheridan joked of their current single status.

“There’s plenty more engagements to come, and I am definitely single. I can confirm that right now.”

Last year, the actor came close to tying the knot again, but announced in November that their engagement to ex Kurt Roberts was off. It came after a whirlwind eight-month romance.

“I didn’t think it would be right to not say ‘Happy Birthday’ to an amazing and caring human, but also not be false cause whether it’s right or wrong; transparency is what I promised you all,” they wrote at the time.

“For now we didn’t make it, but we tried very, very hard, I’m so sorry for us that it wasn’t easy and I’m sorry for the added pressure.”

Sheridan opened up on some of the reasons behind the split, revealing their busy work schedule, the death of their father Denis aged 74 and the pandemic had all made things difficult for the pair.

“In retrospect, having a first public relationship, that public, that fast, might’ve been too much pressure on us,” Sheridan wrote.

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