Orgasms: Abbie Chatfield ‘squirted’, sex act only 5 per cent of women experience

Abbie Chatfield has revealed she’s enjoyed a new sexual experience in the bedroom after her recent split from former Bachelorette contestant Konrad Bień-Stephen.

The popular personality opened up about her revelation on a recent episode of her It’s A Lotpodcast, stating she had “big news”, before recounting in detail what happened while she was in bed with a new guy.

Describing how she was overcome with a new sensation while they were being intimate, the former Bachelor contestant said her new partner had revealed she’d just had an elusive type of female orgasm.

“I’m lying there, I’m like ‘ohh that’s weird, OK, that’s a bizarre feeling’,” she explained.

However, the unusual sensation she was experiencing quickly became enjoyable, with Abbie stating it ended with her questioning what had just happened.

“He said, ‘you squirted’,” she announced with a beaming smile across her face.

Abbie’s producer could then be seen gasping, her face awash with shock.

The sexual peak is something only 5 per cent of women experience when they climax, which is why it is seen as being rare and hard to achieve.

However, it has been wrongly dubbed a form of “female ejaculation” a recent study claimed after tests determined the fluid released comes from the bladder.

During sex, women can produce a few different forms of fluid. The first is the lubricating kind, released when aroused, to aid with sexual intercourse.

Then as orgasm is reached, a “milky fluid” is excreted from the urethra, the hole we urinate from.

Those who can squirt also release a clear liquid from the urethra at orgasm, often in much larger quantities than the milky stuff.

While studies have determined the milky fluid comes from the Skene glands, tiny structures that drain into the urethra, the liquid those who “squirt” expel had remained undetermined until the new study.

Its findings were published in the International Journal of Urology last month and showed it came from the bladder and contained urine.

Abbie appeared delighted by her rare experience, with many fans on her social media page applauding the Masked Singer panellist for “finally” getting there.

“YOU DID IT!!!!!!!” well-known sex expert Georgia Grace wrote.

“Congratulations I can’t wait to meet such a man of great capabilities,” another said.

“Now you you’ll struggle to remember how you did it without it haha enjoy,” someone else mused.

Abbie confirmed in August she had split from her boyfriend of 10-months, telling fans she was “totally okay”.

The pair had announced six-months earlier they were in an open, “non-monogamous” relationship, with both revealing they had different partners during their time together.

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