Australian influencer Indy Clinton causes stir for fake tanning before giving birth

A Sydney mum has caused a stir after uploading a video which showed her putting on fake tan and doing her hair in the lead-up to going to hospital to have her baby induced.

Influencer Indy Clinton, who already has a son, uploaded a TikTok showing her getting ready for the birth of her daughter.

In the video, Indy gets a mani-pedi, blow-dries and styles her hair, fake tans and freshens up her makeup before heading to the hospital.

In the clip she said: “By the way, my induction is not tonight, before someone says, ‘Why am I fake tanning for labour?’ Do I want to look ugly when I’m pushing out a child? No.”

But another TikTok user, who describes themselves as a recovering tanaholic, called the comment detrimental.

“This is the kind of messaging you need to think about before saying when you have such a large platform,” the woman said.

“Saying you don’t want to look ugly when you’re about to push a baby out because you don’t have fake tan on, in other words because you’ll be pale, is so detrimental.

“This is the kind of sh*t that made me feel addicted to and dependent on fake tan to feel beautiful for 12 years.”

She said she had no hate towards Indy, calling her empowering, but urged her to consider before making comments such as this.

And it’s not just her own appearance that she’s worried about. In a follow-up video posted on the day of her induction, Indy is seen plucking her husband’s eyebrows.

“You can’t have a unibrow when I go into labour,” she said, bringing tweezers to his face.

But others supported the mum, saying they had also done similar things in the lead-up to giving birth.

“Looking hot in labour gets a huge tick of approval from this doula. Navy stole the show at the end though,” one wrote.

Another said: “I did this exact same thing before my induction! I hope your birth goes well.”

The rest of the video showed Indy picking up presents for Navy from her daughter, getting some groceries, and revealing she had been crying after it finally hit her she was about to give birth, before picking up Navy from daycare.

The influencer continued to give updates and freshen up her makeup leading up to the birth.

The Clinton family then welcomed daughter Bambi Valentine.

“Our daughter is here,” the mother captioned an Instagram photo of herself looking radiant in the hospital bed, holding her newborn.

The post was quickly flooded with congrats and comments on her glowing skin and perfectly styled hair from fellow influencers and followers.

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