US woman living in Sydney shocked Aussies kiss and hug to greet

A US woman who recently moved to Australia has shared a now viral clip about how affectionate some Aussies can be.

The now Sydney local, who goes by the name of Brit on TikTok, was taken back by Australians’ “vulnerability” with her video attracting half a million views.

She also “thought it was a joke” when she heard about the phrase ‘D and M’ referring to a deep and meaningful conversations.

“Australians are just more vulnerable with other people in general. For example there’s an Australian thing, I think it’s Australian, where you say, ‘Oh we were just having a D and M’ which is a deep and meaningful,” Brit said in the clip.

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“Like a deep and meaningful conversation. The first time I heard that, I thought it was a joke and I thought it was the cutest thing ever.”

Brit moved to Sydney earlier this year and since then the US expat, like fellow foreigners, has experienced a bit of a culture shock – particularly around how affectionate and open some Aussies can be.

She said she heard Australians, especially men, described as more “socially free” for being unafraid to hug or share their feelings with each other.

In a separate clip, Brit explained how it is the norm for men to greet each other with hugs in Australia where as in the US, it’s not the case.

“It is normal in Australia and probably lots of other parts in the world, but just not in America especially the kissing of the girls,” she said.

“I don’t think I have ever had a man kiss my cheek in a greeting in America. Maybe some older men, but it’s very rare so it’s always weird when it happens.

“And hugging the boys – I feel if they are family members they will hug, but friends don’t really hug.

“[But] Australian men, you guys will do the initial greeting hug and then you will continue to touch and hug each other as you hang out. Like you will touch each other’s heads, put your arms around each other. American guys will not be doing that.”

Brit said she rarely hugs her female friends, let alone their boyfriends. “We just don’t do that very much.”

Brit’s revelation left some Aussies baffled.

“I’m so confused like yall are friends & you don’t hug??????” one person wrote.

“I’ve never ever even thought about this. I hug and kiss everyone. It’s literally how you say hello. Is that not normal?” another asked, while a third added: “It’s so weird you saying this cause I never realised. Just went to a BBQ and hugged and kissed every female guest and hugged each guy. Close friends.”

A fourth person wrote: “All my girl friends hug my boyfriend, and my boyfriend’s close friends kiss me on the cheek when greeting. I can’t imagine not having that intimacy?!”

However, while it is common in Australia, not many Aussies are for it.

“I’m Australian but I cannot stand the kissing greeting, it’s so awkward and always surprises me when a woman goes for it,” one person wrote.

Meanwhile, an American wrote: “I’m in the US and there’s a lot of hugging but I can’t imagine anyone ever kissing cheeks.”

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