American ‘hot mum’ wears G-strings during third trimester

When most women enter the third trimester of their fourth pregnancy, they have sweatpants and comfy tops on their minds.

But Jen Ferguson has a “hot mum” reputation to uphold – she’s not packing away her lingerie and snug dresses.

Ferguson has been trolled by online commenters in the past, including other mums who accused her of dressing too “suggestively” to be deserving of respect, The Sun reported

When she announced her pregnancy earlier this year, Ferguson said she wouldn’t change her sexy style even as her bump grew, and her prediction has held.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she talked about maintaining the “hot mum” lifestyle even as her October 18 due date approaches.

“Even being pregnant, my looks are a priority,” she explained. Ferguson has kept up with her beauty rituals throughout pregnancy while protecting her baby’s safety.

“I get manicures and pedicures every two weeks, I get my hair done every five,” she began.

Continuing on, she said, “I get massages and see the chiropractor every two weeks to keep my posture looking good and to be able to work out as much as my body allows.”

When it comes to clothes, she picks “whatever fits and looks good”. Granny panties don’t fall in that category, she insisted.

“Wear the lacy G-strings for your man or woman when possible,” she advised other pregnant mums.

Dressing in flirty, fashionable outfits helps keep Ferguson going, even though she admits pregnancy makes her “miserable most days”.

“Not every day is going to be amazing,” she told the outlet. “Some days you’ll literally want to die.

“But when you’re feeling up to it, go do something ‘selfish’ to keep you feeling and looking the best you can,” she added.

Ferguson’s first trimester left her constantly sick. Her second trimester was a reprieve, but with only days left to go, she said the third trimester makes her feel “huge and uncomfortable”.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful and blessed to be carrying a healthy baby that we prayed for, but it’s rough,” she said. “All for a good cause!”

And while it’s tempting to say the clothes make the mum, it’s really Ferguson’s attitude that’s helped her maintain her hard-won “hot mum” status.

“I feel like my personality keeps me hot,” she said.

The lacy G-strings and plunging necklines are just a bonus feature. “I’m bold, sassy, funny and I know what I want in life,” Ferguson explained. “That’s hot!”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and been reproduced with permission

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