Malaysia hops on to digital-nomad visa bandwagon

MUMBAI: Want to chill out on Malaysian beaches without taking leave from work? Well, this country is the latest to jump on to the bandwagon with its offering of a digital-nomad pass.
It joins countries as varied as Estonia, Malta, Bahamas, Cyprus, Thailand and many others, which following the pandemic have opened up their doors to digital nomads – people who work remotely but from another country. However, tax and other regulatory issues, both for the employer and the individual need to be borne in mind, before moving to these exotic locations.
From October 1, the Malaysian government has begun to accept online applications for the newly introduced digital nomad pass, termed as the ‘DE Rantau Nomad Pass Program’. Eligible foreign nationals whose annual income is over $ 24,000 can apply and can stay in Malaysia with their dependents for up to three to 12 months initially, with an option to extend for another year. This is a multiple-entry programme, unlike tourist visa, which is a single entry scheme with a validity of just three months. The applicant has to submit proof of work or employment and pay the requisite fees.

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