Man’s X-rated recently deleted photo fail at Heathrow Airport revealed

A traveller has revealed an “embarrassing” moment he endured at an airport when a worker thought he was taking a selfie.

James Slade, from the UK, was recently at Heathrow Airport when he decided to use his camera phone to check his hair while passing through security.

However, in a viral TikTok, the Londoner explained the act led to one of the most embarrassing moments of his life.

“You actually can’t comprehend how embarrassed I am about this story,” he began the clip.

“So I am standing there in the [security section] with my phone like this to check my cap with my hair to see if it was all still in place, because I have to look hot for the friends I am about see.

“When all of a sudden the lady at the bag check screams at me saying, ‘You can’t be taking pictures over here’ and I am like, ‘Oh my God wait what, someone is screaming at me,’ like what is going on.”

James said the whole place went silent and everyone turned to stare at him. He told the staffer he wasn’t taking a photo and just using the camera to check his hair.

“I get to the front of the queue to put all my bags through; they go through fine and then when everything comes out on the other side I go to take my luggage and the woman says ‘I’ll be having that thanks very much.’

“The manager comes up to me and he’s like, ‘Look I am really sorry but I am going to have to go through all of your stuff’. I said, ‘Yeh fine, they thought I was taking a picture but I wasn’t.”

After having his bags searched which James said were “fine”, to his horror the manager then asks to search his phone.

“Here’s the punch line … He looks at my phone – no picture, it’s all fine. But then he’s like I am going to have to look at your recently deleted pictures.”

With a horrified look on his face, James said, “Oh sh*t.”

“So I open up my recently deleted pictures and what is there staring at this guy in the face but the gammiest f***ng d**k pic I have ever seen in my life.

“My friend sent me it the day before which I deleted because it was repulsive. Literally, the grossest thing you have ever seen in your whole life – and the guy at security looks at it, looks at me and just goes, ‘Enjoy your holiday.’

“He thought that pic was mine. You literally couldn’t make that sh*t up. Only me, only me.”

James’ clip, which he captioned “airport fail”, has been viewed almost 100,000 times with hundreds of people weighing in on his nightmare experience.

“OMG, I would have died of shame instantly,” one person wrote.

A second person said: “Woah! Maaaan I’d have died. Am so deleting my deleted pics!”

A third added: “I’m howling in laughter.”

However, as hilarious as some people found his experience, others were shocked staff had the right to look through his phone.

“So invasive right!” one person said, while another explained a similar encounter.

“I’ve also been screamed at by Heathrow Security for taking a pic. They watched me delete the pic and threatened to take my phone,” the person wrote.

“Same thing happened to my friend! And every time we go through security he does the same thing! Made such a drama over it but wants it to happen again,” another added.

Others pointed out the security section has signs that inform travellers photos and videos are prohibited.

“The fear is that pics and videos can be used to map out where security cameras are etc to cause more undetected and untraceable havoc in an attack,” one person wrote.

“Under the terrorism act they have the right to not only look at it but to take a copy of your entire phone and laptop without even grounds of suspicion,” said another.

A third joked: “You’d think that real criminals would be slightly more sophisticated than taking some selfies.”

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