American TikTok user jokes she catfishes her husband

A woman joked that she was a “catfish” because she was only dressed up and sultry a few days a year and the rest of the time was dressed less glamorous.

The influencer said that her husband only got the heavily made-up version of her for very little time and often saw a far more relaxed version of her.

Taking to TikTok, American wife and mum Brianna Nichols shared a series of pictures of herself posing for the camera, followed by a short video clip of her without make-up and in casual clothes, The Sun reported.

She captioned the initial snaps with: “What my husband sees four days out of 365 days.”

Brianna also added the short comment: “It be like that.”

In the snaps, Brianna showed herself with a full face of perfect make-up.

She could be seen with a plump pout and expert level eye make-up, complete with on-fleek brows.

She posed with her hair sleek and long, and then in another snap, gorgeously curled into loose waves.

In all shots she wore a variety outfits with one even showing off her tattoos in a bra in a black and white photo.

In the final frame, Brianna can be seen with short, undone hair and a slouchy tracksuit.

Her face is completely free of make-up and she jokingly danced around a garage in the funny video.

Fellow TikTokers were quick to comment on the funny clip.

One person said: “I haven’t laughed so hard in so long. Relatable. You’re gorgeous.”

Another said: “I’m not even close to that those four days but it’s still accurate!”

A third said: “Like, same sis.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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