Food influencer Bec Hardgrave tries dine in Pizza Hut

With the end of Sizzler’s salad bar in Australia there are few all you can eat buffets left, but one influencer has taken us inside one of the few that remain – and it’s exactly like you remember it from your 90s childhood.

There are just seven dine in Pizza Huts left in Australia, with fitness coach and food influencer Bec Hardgrave – known for her fakeway meals – testing one out.

Bec and her partner Tim headed to their nearest dine in Pizza Hut, paying just $14.95 each to experience it plus another $9.95 for a jug of soft drink.

The Queensland woman revealed in her YouTube video that pizza, potato gems, garlic bread, salads and desserts were among the items on offer.

“They literally don’t label what any of the pizzas are so I have no idea what it is,” Bec said as took a drink.

“They also don’t have any tomato sauce – it cost extra.”

She said another unique element was the fact there was plain pasta with two different sauces separately for the customer to mix in.

Among the salads were two types of potato salad and pasta salad.

For dessert options there was soft serve, brownie, jelly, chocolate sauce and sprinkles among the options.

The pair left full after three plates and dessert each.

Tim said: “If you’re thinking of going to Pizza Hut – do it. I just probably wouldn’t make a date out of it.”

Bec said she likely wouldn’t go again for a long time, but the pair said it was great for nostalgia reasons.

“They haven’t changed anything about it since I was about two years old – the pizza was the same, the cups were the same,” Bec said.

Several people commented that the venue brought back memories for them.

One said: “This is childhood memories. we went to pizza hut heaps growing up.”

Meanwhile, others remembered other parts of things that were attached to the brand from the ’90s, such as Dougie, who was used in advertisements.

“Dougie was the hot pizza delivery boy,” one said.

Others commented they would love to see the pair test out other buffet-style foods such as Korean BBQ.

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