MAFS star takes aim at Abbie Chatfield amid feud: ‘Washed up’

A Married At First Sight star has taken aim at Abbie Chatfield, branding her “washed up”.

Daniel Holmes, who appeared on Nine’s controversial dating show last season, responded furiously after the fellow reality TV alum questioned why so many reality stars wind up competing in celebrity boxing matches.

She also weighed in on a recent MAFS cast feud on Instagram.

Holmes was later asked about their feud in an Instagram Q&A with his followers, and didn’t hold back.

“She’s just some chick who commented on a MAFS post that has nothing to do with her. She’s a washed-up chick from The Bachelor or something,” he responded.

“And she came in guns blazing on a MAFS post that she has nothing to do with, and I was like, if you come at us, I am just going to throw heat back at you. It’s pretty simple.”

Holmes, 31, took on co-star Brent Vitiello in the ring at an event in Melbourne over the weekend.

In an Instagram Story this week, Chatfield, 27, asked her followers to explain why so many men on reality TV sign up to do celebrity boxing matches.

“I’m being completely f***ing serious right now, I need someone to explain to me the reason behind the pipeline from man on reality TV to celebrity boxing match,” the radio host said.

“What’s the deal there? What’s going on? And how come they’re the only public figures that do it? There’s no like DJs that do it, or musicians that do it … it’s only people from reality TV. Why? … Are they recruiting each other? What is it?”

Shortly afterwards, Holmes shared a grab of Chatfield’s video on his own Instagram page, labelling her “dumb”.

“It’s not only reality TV peeps. It’s football players, YouTubers, BMX riders. Literally anyone. Ya cooked,” he captioned it.

Chatfield also weighed in on a MAFS cast feud playing out on Instagram, with several members of the 2022 cast uniting against Domenica Calarco, who had just landed a new online show, Dom’s Debrief.

“The jealousy from ex contestants in these comments is so funny,” Chatfield wrote alongside their negative comments, prompting Holmes to respond: “Zip it, you dork.”

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