Magnetic learners and P-plates bad for cars

P-platers and learner drivers have been warned that using one type of plate can cause permanent damage to their vehicles.

Though magnetic plates are popular with motorists learning to drive, as they can easily be removed, there’s a risk scratches and marks can be left behind after using them.

One mum has shared her experience with her daughter’s magnetic plates, revealing they left behind a white shadow on their car after only two days.

“We had a P-plate on our vehicle two days max, and it’s stuffed the paint,” she said on the popular Facebook page Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia.

“Terrible isn’t it, and it was only on for a couple days.”

Many magnetic plates come with warnings not to keep them on the vehicle when they aren‘t required and that “prolonged attachment to the vehicle may cause damage to paintwork”.

The post attracted plenty of comments from other parents who were unaware the plates could damage family cars.

“Throwing ours in the bin right now. I had no idea,” one person said.

“Oh wow, I didn’t even know this was a thing,” another added.

Meanwhile, others said they had similar experiences using the magnetic plates, even that they had “ruined” their first cars.

“Had this happen a year ago when I was on my provisional as well. They eventually melted into the paint. Wasn’t happy,” one commented.

“They didn’t have a warning on the magnetic ones when I used them years ago. I ended up with two magnetic squares on my car where it melted and stuck. I never took mine off.”

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