McDonald’s Australia scraps Sprite from menu, replaces with no sugar version

Macca’s has axed a popular soft drink from its menu, replacing it with the “no sugar” version in a move that has angered some fans.

Popular food blogger Russ Eats revealed Sprite was no longer on sale in a “devastating” video shared to social media on Tuesday.

In the clip, Russ – a popular foodie from Newcastle, NSW – heads to his nearest McDonald’s drive-through following a tip-off and can be seen ordering a medium Sprite.

While the server takes his order without a flinch, Russ notices the drink goes through as the no sugar version.

“Do you have a normal Sprite, that says Sprite Zero on the screen,” he points out.

The McDonald’s employee can then be heard explaining the popular burger franchise no longer sells regular Sprite.

“We’ve only got Sprite no sugar, sorry,” she says.

Russ then presses the employee to find out if the “normal stuff” will be returning, but she reveals: “We’re not bringing it back.” has contacted McDonald’s Australia for confirmation, but social media users are already describing Russ’ TikTok video as “confirmation” – and they’re expressing their anger.

“NOOO. McDonald’s Sprite was the best drink,” one said.

“They removed the best drink,” another wrote.


“What’s everyone gonna do to fix their hangover now? We need the little sugar rush,” another pointed out.

Others argued it would make more sense to offer both beverages, asking: “Why can’t they have both options so people can make the decision themselves?”

Meanwhile some welcomed the change, stating: “Sprite Zero tastes better anyway.”

According to Russ, McDonald’s began trialling the switch a few months ago before recently rolling it out nationally.

The food blogger is not happy about the change, claiming Macca’s has “done the dirty” on its customers and describing the no sugar version as tasting highly unappealing.

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