Off duty Qantas pilot goes viral on TikTok over sweet gesture on board plane

An off-duty pilot on board a Qantas flight has gone viral, after offering his business class seat to a young girl with a mobility disability.

According to TikTok account @travelling_abilities, the pilot – who was not working at the time of the flight – spotted the young girl “making her way down the loading bridge” towards the cabin entry.

Getting up from his seat, the unnamed pilot “proceeded to offer her his business class seat so she would have more leg room”.

While the woman, who didn’t reveal her name, “kindly declined” the offer — said she was “moved” and “so proud” by the man’s generosity.

The video, which has been viewed on the social media platform more than 580,000 times, was met with praise for the “good guy”. has reached out to the mum for comment.

Earlier this month, a pilot in the U.S. went viral after making a heartwarming announcement congratulating a passenger who had just beaten breast cancer.

Passenger Jyrl Oldham was board the plane on her way to Hawaii to celebrate beating breast cancer when the pilot chimed in over the loud speaker to inform the rest of the cabin about her incredible feat.

“I would like to add a special welcome to a special guest on today’s flight,” the pilot can be heard telling the cabin in a video that went viral.

“We have a passenger who is headed to Hawaii with us today to celebrate her victory over late stage breast cancer.”

Following the announcement, the sound of applause swept throughout the cabin before the pilot on board the Southwest Airlines added how she “fought valiantly” throughout the treatment.

“Please join me in giving her, Jryl Oldham, a round of applause,” he can be heard saying.

“Here in today’s environment it just makes it special that we can share that human bond to take care of each other,” the pilot adds.

“Everybody’s a big family out there. Welcome aboard, congratulations.”

The video, which was posted to Instagram by her friend Valeri Jones, has since been viewed 13.8 million times.

It included the caption: “Thanks Southwest Air for this memory. We will remember it always.”

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