US influencer’s ‘inappropriate’ bikini act at family pool angers

An influencer has attracted wide criticism after being filmed posing for a string of bikini snaps in an “inappropriate” location.

The unidentified woman, wearing a tiny string bikini, can be seen dancing for the camera beside a spa filled with kids, in a clip shared to popular Instagram account, Influencers in the Wild.

At one stage, she squats down while performing the popular “sl*t drop” dance move, before wiggling her booty.

She’s accompanied by another woman in an equally tiny orange string bikini, with the pair both posing beside a railing towards the end of the clip.

The clip was captioned, “Save our children” – and quickly garnered attention from shocked social media users online.

Few were impressed by their antics, labelling it “inappropriate” and “vulgar”.

“Working on their OF [OnlyFans] content at the kiddie pool … classy,” one wrote.

“Sorry this is so inappropriate,” another added.

“We live in such a vain and vulgar, and truly bizarre, time,” a third wrote.

Others said the act was “tasteless”, claiming the behaviour in front of children was “disturbing”.

“I’m actually disturbed [by] this. There’s a time and place for things and with children around, this act shouldn’t have happened,” one person wrote.

“Yikes. So tasteless to be dancing like a stripper in front of children. Let them be kids. Leave the adult stuff for adults,” a second said.

“They’re classless already, but by a kids’ pool is as low as you can get. Really disturbing,” another wrote.

The clip comes after a video of a woman wearing a G-string swimsuit at a family water park divided social media.

In the video shared to TikTok, the unidentified woman can be seen wearing a flesh-coloured swimsuit.

The back of the swimmers is made up of just a tiny sliver of fabric that make G-string bottoms and a zigzag feature across her shoulders.

Text on the clip asks: “Is this appropriate for a family water park or not?”

While the TikTok user asks viewers to weigh in on the topic, she makes her own opinion clear in the video caption.

“Thoughts! I don’t think it’s appropriate – there’s kids all around her – but she looks great,” she wrote, adding the hashtag “#thongbikini”.

The comments section was divided, but the majority claimed it’s society that is the issue, not her cossie.

“Honestly bodies aren’t inherently sexual, it’s all about how you view it,” one said.

“I wouldn’t have even noticed if it wasn’t pointed it out,” another added.

One parent said: “Kids ain’t worried about that. They just having fun in the water.”

“Lol girl, it’s 2022,” someone else said.

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