‘A stallion’: Woman’s wild sex claim about 53-year-old husband

A woman whose millionaire husband is often mistaken for her grandfather has described him as “a stallion” in bed.

Leila Griffin, 28, met 53-year-old entrepreneur Bruce last October when she was looking for something casual with an “established man” – but said the pair instantly got on like a “house on fire” and soon became inseparable, despite their 25-year age gap.

Four months after meeting, the pair bought a house together, before getting married in July this year.

Not only did Ms Griffin describe her husband as a “true gentleman” – she also made the wild confession that, if she didn’t know better, she’d think “he was 21, not in his 50s” when they’re being intimate.

“He’s 53 and he f**ks like a stallion,” the mother-of-one said.

“He’s the best lover I’ve ever had. If we were having sex and I had a blindfold on, I’d say he was 21 not 53.

“I think it’s probably the emotional connection that makes it great and he just knows his way around the bedroom.”

Ms Griffin, who has been accused online of being a “gold digger” who was only after a “sugar daddy”, admitted that the couple “are very upfront and honest with each other and our relationship and the truth is if he wasn’t financially in the situation he’s in, I wouldn’t have met up with him”.

“If I wasn’t a young, attractive woman, he wouldn’t have met up with me,” she added.

“It’s all about initial attraction, what you’re looking for and what boxes the individual ticks.

“We ticked each other’s boxes for our initial meet up and connection and then the rest just followed.”

She explained that both of them were “looking for something casual” when they first met in Tampa, Florida last year.

“He wanted a younger attractive woman to spend some time with and I wanted an established man to spend some time with,” she said.

“After our first date, we quickly realised that wasn’t going to be the case … It was love at first sight.

“We got on like a house on fire and ever since then we’ve been inseparable.

“He was just so down to earth and funny and I’ve never met someone that was such a gentleman to his degree.”

Ms Griffin, who often posts about their relationship on Instagram, said that “dating older men is better because they have their sh*t together”.

“They know what they want out of life and how to treat a woman,” she said.

“He still opens my car door to this day and pulls a chair out for me at a restaurant.

“He’s financially secure and for me that was a very important thing. For me to be tied down with someone, I want to be looked after.

“I don’t want to be worried about money, I want to be spoiled. When people ask, ‘What do you do for a living?’ I say, ‘I do my husband’.”

She accused the people who say she’s “just with him for his money” of double standards.

“It’s like, well why don’t people say that he’s ‘just with me for my looks’? Why is it so one-sided?” Ms Griffin said.

“It’s funny because the backlash really comes from men in their 20s and 30s that are broke that want to be him. It’s never from women or other older established men.

“People comment online and refer to him as my ‘dad’, but I don’t care because he’s daddy, that’s fine … At the start the comments and the backlash would affect me because I’d be like, ‘Well, I’m in love with this man, I married this man, I want to be with him until the end’.

“But you grow so immune to it. If anything I just laugh about it now.”

She advised “other women who want to date an older man but have been held back worried by people’s perceptions – whatever you do in life there will always be somebody somewhere with someone negative to say”.

“If someone dates a 30-year-old that’s not so attractive but they’re still at the correct age range for society if you will, people will be like ‘He’s not attractive, why are you with him?’” Ms Griffin added.

“You could be with someone that’s really good-looking in their 60s [and] people would be like, ‘He’s 60’.

“My response would be someone’s always going to say something so you might as well do what makes you happy because you can’t please everyone, and they shouldn’t try to.”

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