Australians urged to get checked for lumps after tumour found

A teacher has shared a grave warning after an ominous find on her husband turned into a potential health nightmare.

Katie Lolas and husband Scott Grant were on holiday when she found an unusual “solid” lump behind his ear, prompting him to get it tested when they returned.

“Once we arrived home he agreed to get it checked and after it was removed and sent off for a biopsy, we found out it was a benign tumour,” she shared on Instagram.

Despite the tumour being benign, Ms Lolas shared some ominous news about the lump.

“[It] has a 100% chance of coming back and a high chance of turning into an aggressive cancer,” she said.

Urging her followers to take care of their own health, she shared how Mr Grant will have to have an operation soon.

“He’s going into surgery this week to ensure they’ve completely removed it and moving forward he’ll have to monitor it closely.”

Ms Lolas pleaded with her followers to get their skin and breasts checked as well as booking in for a pap smear or bowel check.

“Feeling overly tired? Unusual pain somewhere? A lump has popped up? Get it checked!!!” she said to her 160,000 followers.

“Please look after yourselves my friends, book in your relevant health checks today.”
With two in three Australians getting diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70, the Cancer Council recommends getting any new spots checked out by a doctor.

Those who are at particular risk, such as those with a family history or with fair or freckled skin, checks every six months may be necessary.

Cancer Council also recommends that women get their breasts screened every two years after the age of 50.

For men, it’s recommended that those between 50-74 undertake a bowel screening test every two years.

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