ITV anchor Tom Bradby exposes UK political ‘chaos’ on-air

With the UK in political turmoil, one British news anchor is today going viral thanks to his no-holds-barred delivery of the day’s news.

ITV News at 10 anchor Tom Bradby opened today’s episode with an assessment of the current British political situation that was as concise as it was brutal.

“It has been a night of astonishing scenes at Westminster, with reports of jostling, manhandling, bullying and shouting outside the parliamentary lobbies, in a supposed vote of confidence in the government,” Bradby began.

“The Deputy Chief Whip was reported to have left the scene saying, ‘I’m absolutely effing furious, I just don’t effing care anymore,’ before he resigned – along with the Chief Whip.

But, we’ve just been told they have now officially un-resigned. The Home Secretary has, however, definitely gone,” he continued.

“In short: It is absolute, abject chaos.”

Powerful words – but Bradby’s not wrong, with the position of UK PM Liz Truss looking increasingly untenable after her Home Secretary quit the cabinet – and blasted her on the way out.

In a blistering resignation letter, Suella Braverman slammed the PM and said she had “serious concerns” about the “direction of this government”.

“It is obvious to everyone that we are going through a tumultuous time,” Ms Braverman wrote.

“I have concerns about the direction of this government. Not only have we broken key pledges that were promised to our voters, but I have serious concerns about this government’s commitment to honouring manifesto commitments.”

Ms Braverman is the second key minister to leave the government in as many weeks, after Ms Truss sacked her former chancellor (finance minister) Kwasi Kwarteng last Friday.

ITV anchor Bradby’s impassioned opening drew praise on social media, where it has already been shared thousands of times.

“This guy is really earning his pay cheque here. Just superb delivery,” wrote one person.

“This is both hysterical and terrifying,” wrote another.

“This must be entertaining to watch if you don’t reside inside the house that is on fire,” said another.

“Utterly wild. Beyond shambolic. General election now. Please God,” wrote another.

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