Sydney man mocked after bird poo complaint

A local of a ritzy Sydney suburb has caused a stir after sharing an image of what he described a “public health risk” and felt would be more fitting in a “third world” country.

The man photographed a park bench in the affluent inner city suburb of Potts Point on Sunday after taking issue with the substantial mess left behind from a bunch of birds.

The faecal field day went down horribly with the man, who said he was left feeling sick over the display.

“I walked past this scene tonight and it made me feel physically ill,” he wrote in a post to social media.

“Seriously, we are not in the third world. This is a public health risk,” he argued.

Addressing Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore, he questioned why the issue wasn’t being monitored.

“Why are your staff not monitoring such issues? Are any of your staff monitoring anything in Potts Point?” he wrote, describing the situation “revolting”.

Dozens of the man’s fellow locals couldn’t help but poke fun at the complaint, with several people wasting no time pointing out his entitlement.

As one social media user put it, the post could be boiled down to five words: “Man yells at birds crapping”.

Another joked the author was advocating for healthier bowels for birds.

“Damn you Clover! more Metamucil for birds!” they wrote in a comment.

Others agreed the mess was “actually a pretty handy warning not to sit there”.

One sarcastically remarked the bench was “kinda cute and artistic”, while someone else called on the man to “stop whinging like a six-year-old”.

Another was puzzled at why the bench left him fearful for his health, writing: “Public health risk? Are you planning on licking it?”

The complainer said they reported the matter to the local council and send his evidence to the council’s CEO.

Its understood the bench had been cleaned by Tuesday.

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