Family’s dogs threatened in anonymous letter from neighbour in Graceville, Brisbane

A Queensland family have been living in fear after an anonymous neighbour threatened to kill their dogs.

Anthony and Jessica Tuite have lived in the suburb Graceville for six years with their Great Dane Barney and Great Dane Ridgeback cross Donnie.

But their world has been rocked after a menacing letter was dropped off with pieces of chocolate inside, with the writer threatening to poison their dogs if they did not stop barking.

“If the barking of your dogs does not stop, the chocolate in this envelope will be thrown over your fence in greater amounts … which will kill them,” the letter supplied to 7News read.

“You have been warned nicely many times by people … but you do nothing.”

Ms Tuite said she was filled with “instant panic” when she read the threat.

Please don’t hurt my dog,” she emotionally pleaded.

“Our dogs are our family.”

She said her two rescue dogs were usually quiet and well behaved, only barking when someone comes into their yard.

Graceville Park body corporate chair and neighbour Phill Keleman slammed the “immoral” behaviour.

“That’s just immoral,” he said.

“You just don’t make those threats. You just kind of say, ‘hey listen, how do we work together to make it better’?”

The family have reported the threat to police.

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