Foxconn unveils its vision for the electric ute

The Taiwanese company responsible for building high-tech gadgets such as Apple iPhones has unveiled its vision for a battery-powered ute.

Unveiled by Foxconn, an electronics giant with more than 1 million employees, the Model V shapes up as an electric alternative to the likes of Toyota’s HiLux and Ford’s Ranger.

Foxconn and its parent company Hon Hai claim that the Model V pick-up can carry a tonne in the tray, tow three tonnes, and hold five passengers in the cabin.

Without revealing specific technical details, the company claims its car has “the ability to traverse all terrains”, suggesting it has all-wheel-drive, plenty of ground clearance, and reinforced underpinnings capable of traversing mud, creeks and streams.

That puts it a step ahead of Australia’s first electric ute, the two-wheel-drive LDV eT60.

Foxconn is confident the car will go into production.

But we don’t know what badge it will wear.

The company is pitching the Model V to car makers as a “Contract and Design Manufacturing Service”, offering to tweak the model to suit the preferences of established brands before putting it into production for them.

In the same way that Mazda’s BT-50 is engineered and built by Isuzu, and the upcoming VW Amarok is assembled in Ford factories, Foxconn is pitching its electric ute to brands that might consider putting their badge on an electric ute.

It represents new territory for the company, which will build its first production electric cars on behalf of Taiwan’s Yulon Group in 2023, selling its mid-sized Model C concept SUV as the “Luxgen n7”.

Company founder Terry Gou said the company has big plans in the automotive space.

“In the past, we assisted global brand customers to transform the consumer electronics industry chain, step by step, providing consumers with extraordinary and affordable technology products,” he said.

“In the future, Hon Hai will certainly redefine the EV industry and provide drivers with safe and comfortable user experience in transportation.”

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