ITV Political Editor Robert Peston drops Jeremy Hunt C-bomb on TV

A British political journalist accidentally dropped the C-bomb live on air while discussing the UK’s new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt.
ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston was speaking on Wednesday’s tumultuous events in Britain’s parliament when he made the slip-up, The Sun reported.

The presenter was discussing the new Chancellor’s planned cuts to public spending when he mixed up his words.

In the clip from Wednesday night’s ITV show, he said: “That means the hole in the public finances is bigger than it would have been, and Jeremy c***’s – Hunt’s – cuts will be more painful.”

Peston appeared to have a wry smile on his face as he realised he had made the unfortunate slip of the tongue.

Twitter was quick to pick up on the presenter’s blunder.

“Another broadcaster manages to say ‘Jeremy C***’ on air,” one Twitter user wrote.

“How does this keep happening?” another asked.

A third said: “I’m beginning to suspect that these news readers are doing it on purpose.”

The former BBC journalist is far from the first to get Jeremy Hunt’s name wrong live on air.

In June this year, Sky News presenter Sophy Ridge accidentally referred to the MP as “Jeremy c***” while discussing a mutiny against then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The veteran broadcaster said: “Two figures who are significant – Jeremy c***, because he’s the potential leadership candidate, and Jesse Norman because he’s worked with Boris Johnson for quite a long time, and yet that was an eviscerating letter he published explaining why he’s not going to be voting in favour of his leadership.”

She didn’t appear to notice the blooper, continuing seamlessly on into an interview with political correspondent Ali Fortescue.

In 2019, Mr Hunt lectured broadcasters to “grow up” in response to the continued slip-ups over his name.

He’s not been safe from his own parliamentary colleagues making the same X-rated mistake, however, with Conservative MP Vicky Ford accidentally calling him “Jeremy c***” during an interview on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Speaking to Chopper’s Brexit Podcast, Mr Hunt said: “I’m used to it. I had this when I was at school.

“Personally I think people should just grow up and get over the fact that my last name rhymes with a rather unpleasant word.”

The BBC has a history of messing up Mr Hunt’s name.

Radio 4’s Jim Naughtie was caught out back in 2010, while the Justin Webb mispronounced the name in 2018.

In June 2019, there were two further slip-ups alongside Vicky Ford’s, with BBC Radio 5 host Nicky Campbell and Victoria Derbyshire both using a rude word for the then-Foreign Secretary in separate incidents.

This story was originally published by The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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