TikToker fights with Sydney restaurant staff and patrons over right to livestream

A heated argument has broken out in a Sydney restaurant after fellow patrons and staff told an aspiring social media star to stop talking on loud speaker.

A man who filmed part of the run-in and later posted it on Reddit claimed the influencer, Timstar, was filming a livestream when he told him to stop.

Timstar has 62,500 Instagram followers and 27,200 TikTok followers.

“We have 523 people in here on my TikTok, on social media. Everyone’s screenshotting this,” Timstar said to staff while continuing his livestream to capture the dispute.

Another person in the Japanese restaurant in West Ryde could be heard jumping in to explain they had an issue with swearing.

“You’re not taking us into consideration at all. It’s not just me, it’s the entire restaurant,” he said.

After a lengthy back and forth about whether Timstar had the right to have his phone on loud speaker, a staff member said: “OK so you can have a conversation, but the swear words, lower that one down. That was the main (problem).”

Timstar uploaded a recording of his own livestream, which captured the heated exchange, to TikTok. He could be heard in the video saying he was feeling harassed and captioned the clip “man bullies Timstar”.

“Can you leave me alone? I don’t do anything wrong,” the 30-year-old said.

He described his behaviour that prompted the dispute as “just a conversation” in a “noisy restaurant”.

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