British expat living in the Sunshine Coast shares TikTok slamming area

A British expat has slammed a popular Aussie beach town after it failed to meet her expectations.

The woman, who goes by Glasbyj on TikTok, said she was hoping the Queensland hotspot would be “like Europe”.

But after four years living in the Sunshine Coast she said it’s “time for a new adventure” and went on to list a host of reasons why she was done with the area.

“Me thinking moving to Australia, Sunshine Coast would be like Europe,” she said with a disappointed look on her face.

“Everywhere is closed by 8pm. Not acceptable to walk around in bikinis. No night life. No eating out past 7pm. No open sea boat trips. No beach bars.”

The expat also claimed: “No one wants to have fun.”

She explained she has been living at Peregian, a small coastal town, and working in nearby Noosa, “but not for long”.

“I mean Noosa National Park is amazing but only so many times you can go there,” she said.

Her TikTok has since gone viral sparking outrage from Aussies who quickly shut down her comments about the popular area.

However, others agreed with her views, describing the Sunshine Coast as a “retirement village”.

“Sorry what? Noosa has grown so much over the past years. Noosa Heads is full of young people,” one person wrote.

“Your statement about bikinis being unacceptable is not right. Nowhere in Australia is ‘like’ Europe,” a second commenter said.

A third said they grew up on the Sunshine Coast and bikinis and thongs are “absolutely accepted everywhere”.

“I’ve lived here my whole life. Most people day drink, drive up the beach, and absolutely wear bikinis and no shoes everywhere, along the actual coast,” another wrote.

One TikTok user said her comments were “hard to believe”.

“Especially the bikini part. Bit of an exaggeration. And Australia is it’s own country. Go to Europe if you want Europe.”

Others were confused about why she likened the Sunshine Coast to Europe.

“Why would it be like Europe? Couldn’t be further away,” one Aussie said.

“No one said it was like Europe babe,” another wrote.

But some agreed the are is “boring”, dubbing it a “retirement village”.

“So true girlie, Australia sucks big time when it comes to beach clubs and parties, it’s non-existent, and the Sunny Coast is a retirement village,” one person wrote.

“Lol retirement central. Gold coast is more that scene,” another wrote.

“Biggest danger is getting hit by a pram,” a third person said.

Others told her she picked “the wrong coast”.

“Gold Coast is young and happening. The Sunny Coast is for retired people,” one person said with the expat responding that she has “an actual sign saying, ‘retirement living’” at the end of her street.

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