Jordan Peterson tees off at Qantas over in-flight message

Jordan Peterson has complained to Qantas about the airline delivering “moral lessons” on a recent flight during his tour of Australia.

The internet personality and clinical psychologist — who has built a successful career taking aim at some of the more polarising aspects of modern politics — took offence after a routine Acknowledgement of Country on his flight.

Peterson said the message was “propaganda” and said he’d prefer political messages weren’t delivered by a “corporate behemoth”.

I could really do without the land acknowledgment propaganda delivered to me by a corporate behemoth @Qantas,” he tweeted.

“I‘m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. Stick to (1) flying and (2) making money. I don’t want or need moral lessons from you or any other corporation.”

Qantas has committed to reconciliation and says it is striving to build a “shared national identity”.

“We want to foster a shared national identity where Australians take pride in our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and contemporary cultures,” Qantas said in an online statement.

“This is critical to our reconciliation vision of shared national identity, grounded in social and cultural inclusion.

“We acknowledge the continued systemic challenges facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

“As custodians of this ancient land, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples make up 3 per cent of our population. Yet, through entrenched inequality, they are disproportionately overrepresented in every area of disadvantage.”

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Peterson delivered a speech to a number of Australian politicians last week — including former Prime Minister Scott Morrison — as part of his current speaking tour of Australia.

Mr Morrison snagged himself a front-row seat and appeared to be entranced by the clinical psychologist as he spoke.

Former defence minister Andrew Hastie snapped a picture of Peterson standing in front of Mr Morrison as he delivered the speech.

“Democracy is about the contest of ideas. You don’t have to agree with everything that people say but you have to be prepared to listen,” Mr Hastie posted.

Senator Canavan took aim at those opposing Peterson’s visit to Parliament, describing the furore as somewhat of a “meltdown”.

Peterson has regularly attracted furious left-wing protesters at his events, describing them as “ideologues” who are too afraid to meet him in a debate and instead resort to insults and misappropriation of his views in an effort to de-platform him.

“The lefty meltdown about Jordan Peterson is hilarious … even better than the talk,” Senator Canavan wrote.

“In a world dominated by the siren song of instant gratification, Jordan’s message of the need for discipline and sacrifice, to achieve meaning and happiness, has resonated with millions.”

“It was kind of him to spend time at our Parliament House during a busy book tour.”

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