World reacts to ‘stunning’ Socceroos win on Twitter, Reddit

The rest of the world is still getting to know Australian football but they’re paying attention today.

Former Socceroos Robbie Slater said this week we’re “the team every other nation expects to beat” but with back-to-back wins against Tunisia and Denmark we’re in the knockout stage for the first time since 2006. And the world is impressed.

“The vegemite finally kicked in,” wrote one fan on Reddit.

“If I was Australian I would be so much happier now than in 2006,” wrote another.

“Such an unfancied team but with a courageous style of football. Congratulations to all Aussies, you’ve stunned the world today.”

Mathew Leckie might be back plying his trade on home soil with Melbourne City but his game-winning goal against Denmark was appreciated all over the globe.

They were amazed at how he turned Denmark’s Barcelona defender Andreas Christensen inside out to create space for his left-footed strike.

“Hit him with the ah ah ah I’m going this way, no, this way, sike, this way and now I score,” wrote one admirer.

“I honestly would retire if that happened to me,” added another. “Wtf is going on, Aussies ain’t no joke,” wrote a third.

They also loved the performance of man mountain Harry Souttar in defence.

“Take a bow Harry Souttar,” was one of the most up-voted comments.

When a fan of his club side Stoke City wrote “I’m worried he’s playing too well”, the quick reply was “sorry mate, he’s gone. enjoy him while you can”.

“Yeah no offence to Stoke, I’m sure you’re a lovely club with a great heritage, but Souttar is playing world class f***ing footy,” replied another.

Others branded the central defender “Down Under Maldini”, “Roo Ramos” and “Bogan Beckenbauer”.

International football followers still find the name of our domestic competition a little odd going by some of the comments on a Reddit thread where fans discussed the result.

“I, for one, have always been a firm believer in A-League supremacy,” wrote one person.

“There’s a reason it’s not called the B League,” added another.

“The A-Liga,” replied a third.

Others were excited about the prospect of a USA-Australia quarterfinal remaining alive because of what it would mean for those who insist on calling the game soccer and not football.

“The possibility of an International Soccer Bowl QF is still on the menu,” wrote one user.

“That would be f***ing glorious, the game where we could unite against the world and force everyone to call it a soccer game. Should be called the Soccer World Cup Divisional game or whatever the NFL calls it,” an American replied.

The vision of fans celebrating in Federation Square, which showed passion to match any nation, also went viral.

“Bloody hell, folks in Melbourne are recreating the battle of Helms Deep,” wrote one onlooker.

“Just seen the photos from Melbourne — fantastic! I love this team. Passion, will, energy, Aussie DNA. I got a new favourite!” added another.

The way our team honoured injured striker Martin Boyle by putting him at the centre of the celebrations was also acknowledged.

It’s fair to say we’re on the map.

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