Peter Dutton, Richard Marles swap Christmas gifts

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has gifted his political opponent a bottle of fake tan in a sweet Christmas gesture ahead of the last day of parliament.

In their last Friday panel with departing Today show host Ally Langdon, Mr Dutton and Mr Marles appeared together in front of the Kmart wishing tree in Parliament House.

At the end of their discussion, the pair swapped gifts, with Mr Dutton giving the Deputy Prime Minister a bottle of Bondi Sands fake tan first.

“Now Richard comes from Geelong, which is a great part of the world, but it’s not the sunniest part of the world,” Mr Dutton said.

“Somehow Richard maintains a perfect tan year round, so for Richard I got him next year’s supply of tanning spray.

“I don’t quite understand it … But I think you know more about this than perhaps me.”

Laughing as he received the gift, Mr Marles said Mr Dutton was a “bad man” before thanking him.

In response, Mr Marles gifted Mr Dutton a light sabre.

“You can use this in question time against the Prime Minister,” Mr Marles said.

The gesture comes as parliament sits for the last day of the year.

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