Workers stand down as Apple store raided in California

Shocking footage has shown an Apple store in California being raided by a group of looters.

Viewers were stunned at the moment an Apple employee appeared to hand one of the thieves an iPad as they tore through the display units and shoved devices into backpacks.

Staff did not try to interfere with the thieves and were instead shepherding other customers away from the scene.

Video uploaded @CryptoKaleo said it was indicative that “society is broken in California”, referencing the nonchalant way the staff and public reacted to the striking scene.

However, others believed the Apple employees did the right thing, arguing they aren’t paid enough to put themselves in harm’s way to protect merchandise.

Others noted the display devices would be shut down by Apple remotely once they were reported stolen.

“Just a liability issue. Not worth an employee potentially getting stabbed/shot/beaten for product you likely already have insurance for anyways,” one user commented. “Plus all those devices will likely be blacklisted by Apple as well.”

Awful take. Is anyone really expecting the employees to stop them when they get paid $16 bucks a hour? At least they are trying to protect the customers. Go ask your kid to work a similar job and risk their life to protect the company’s merchandise,” another said.

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