Inside world’s biggest McDonald’s in Orlando, Florida

McDonald’s fans in America get far more for their Happy Meal than a free toy.

In the US, many McDonald’s have a PlayPlace which includes rides and entertainment for kids.

The largest by far can be found in Florida, not far from Universal Orlando Resort, where the three-storey restaurant has an entire arcade floor inside, The Sun reports.

It was redesigned in 2016 and now has a 6.7m-tall play area with slides and rides for kids at the Kid’s Club Tree House, although there is also a toddler area too.

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The second floor is dedicated to arcade games, with more than 100 to choose from.

Games include Jurassic Park, Fruit Ninja and Typhoon, with guests able to load virtual tickets onto a McFun card to play.

Keep winning, and the tickets can go towards a prize at the redemption centre.

If you want to visit but aren’t a fan of burgers, this particular restaurant also serves gourmet meals of pizza and pasta, Belgian waffles and omelettes, as well as there being an ice cream and dessert bar.

It is also open 24 hours a day, every day of the year – so if you fancy a different kind of Christmas, you can head here instead.

While reviews said service can be slow, many were stunned at the size of the McDonald’s PlayPlace.

One parent wrote: “Playground is so good I had to go hunting for the child so I could leave. I think he may have stayed there all day if allowed.”

Another person wrote on TripAdvisor: “The best part of the McDonald’s was the arcade upstairs – an arcade in McDonald’s? It had all the latest games and allowed for tickets to be won to collect prizes.”

TikTokers Madison and Angel visited the place, where they praised the ice cream bar, pizza oven, pasta, waffles and things they had “never seen on a McDonald’s menu before”.

TikTok users who lived in Florida even admitted they didn’t know it existed.

One person said: “I’ve been there and let me tell you, the hype is justified.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission

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